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LIMEN is a 4-player team-based online psychological horror. 


Intense 4 player team based co-op

Enjoy a horror experience with your friends whether they are on PC or console. LIMEN supports cross-platform play and saves.

Immersive horror

Play alongside your friends with up to 4 players in this horror experience where strategic play is just as important as teamwork.


Open-world survival

LIMEN features a fully dynamic open-world biome to challenge your survival skills. Gather resources, and build bases with your friends, the choice of gameplay is open to your creativity.

Base Building

LIMEN features a wide collection of buildable items to allow players to create their own world.


liminal maps

LIMEN offers 6 maps designed to induce psychological uneasiness through early access with more to come. More maps coming soon!

ghost hunting

Team up with your friends in a ghost hunting session with access to equipment such as EMF Reader, Motion Detector, Tactical Flashlight, Night Vision Camera, Wireless Speaker and more.


Procedural AI

LIMEN offers procedurally generated ghosts to make each game unpredictable, requiring you to stay on guard each minute.

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